For the most part, Christian chat rooms are stocked with people who are interested in sharing their Christian beliefs. However, nothing ruins a good time like a fundamentalist right-winger who floods the board with unoriginal thought, who attacks others based on their own righteousness. In a moderated chat room, this is just as likely to get you banned as “dirty talk’ or rampant arguing. Nobody goes to a chat room to have their faith questioned. If it happens enough, they won’t go back.

In The Wrong Place

It is curious to see that people would go to such a chat room for no real purpose other than to argue. After all, there an infinite number of websites, chat rooms and message boards where such behavior is not only accepted but encouraged. But when chat rooms are free, even ones where Christian singles are seeking out good company, some people will engage in argumentative banter. Free christian singles chat where more extensive profiles are required to register, or chat rooms where membership isn’t free of charge, are generally devoid of such anti-collegial messaging.

Practice What You Preach

Christianity is supposed to inclusive, and if you go to most churches, you will find that to be the case. Chat rooms, though, always bring out the “Internet Tough Guy” in all of us. Swollen egos and suppressed bravado come bubbling up from the depths of people who would have very little to say were it not for the relative anonymity of the Web. It is most often the case that other people in the chat room will gently marginalize the voices of extremists, in the name of everybody getting along.

Religious zealotry, as we have seen in the past decade, can have disastrous consequences. That applies to the entire spectrum of the world’s religions. Chat rooms, intended to be friendly online gathering places, should be kept free of angry or apocalyptic members. They may believe they are doing the Lord’s work, but they’re definitely not adding to the pleasantry factor in an online singles chat room.

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