Promotional gear can not only go a long way in generating buzz around your business, but it can also provide fun little knick knacks to people who may otherwise be uninterested in what you’re offering. Either way, you get your name out there, and your potential customers get new playthings.

The PonchoBall

Ponchoballs are a variety of sports-ball capsules with ponchos inside. They are usually used as giveaways, and they are popular because they can be hung off of briefcases and backpacks. The original “emergency raingear” concept that eventually evolved into PonchoBalls was formed when while playing golf at a very exclusive resort golf club with clients; the company’s current president and his partners were caught in an unexpected rainstorm. The only protection they had was garbage bags, and from that experience the PonchoBall was born and remains popular to this day.

The DisposaBalls Trio-Pak

DisposaBalls are a sleeve of three smaller golf-ball capsules, invented as a method of keeping golfers’ equipment dry when caught unexpectedly in the rain. They are a sleeve of three balls, each with a unique package inside. The first ball provides a full-size club cover for the clubs and bag. The second ball has a card keeper to protect the scorecard, and the third ball offers a gear bag for other miscellaneous gear that may be on the player’s cart. The DisposaBall was so immediately successful that they fueled the development of the PonchoBall Golf Model.

Sports bottles

Promotional sports bottles are a great give away gift. It can be used everyday and will be seen every where from the park to work. There are many types of sports bottle designs, so try to use the one with the most cross demographic appeal.

These promotional sports products have been all the rage since their introduction, and they have led to the launch of others models, including the Baseball Model, the Football Model, the Soccer Model, the Tennis Model, the Basketball Model, the Smooth-Ball Model, the Stock-Car Racecar Wheel Model, and the Open-Wheel Racecar Wheel Model.

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