Minnesota is in the mid-west. Living in the mid-west means many things; bowling being one.

Bowling Is Big Business

In Minnesota you can find a bowling coach, receive professional bowling instructions, go on tour with junior bowlers, be on a girl’s high school bowling team, be involved in adult and youth achievement recommendations in bowling, be a college bowler, and even win a scholarship with your bowling expertise. There are youth tournaments sponsored by Pepsi, family oriented international bowling, bowling tournaments sponsored by Insurance Services for Minnesota Employees, and no fewer than 25 adult or youth tournaments before June 2012.

Party, Bowl, Drink and Eat

Buffet and bowling packages; parties for kids; fund raising; reunions; wedding party dinners and wedding receptions; meet and greet company sponsored events and parties of all sizes can take place in many of Minnesota’s bowling alleys. There are endless 4 ½ and 4 star alleys all over the place. And being on a team is even more fun than just bowling at a party.
Why not grab your bowling balls and join in the fun and camaraderie of a bowling team in your area.

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