Poker has become one of the most popular games over the last twenty years thanks to live televised poker events and the up close view through the hole cam that makes viewers feel like they are part of the action. Not to mention the wide variety of celebrity poker players like Tobey McGuire who love playing poker and have won millions of dollars at it.

Poker Is Not a Sport

Thanks to its increase in popularity many people have raised the question of “is poker a sport?” in the hopes of getting poker possibly accepted as an Olympic Event. In spite of the endurance and mental exertion that some long games require, poker should not be considered a sport because, no physical exertion is required.

Down The Road

Although the definition of “what is a sport?” hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years that could change in the future as more and more events like curling and water ballet are now considered to be sports. The only real way for poker to gain recognition as a sport is for fans around the world to solicit the Olympic committees (online or offline) in their countries to get poker added to the next Olympics.

Once poker is added to the Olympics it will gain international recognition as a sport and more athletes will turn to poker as a second career once their time in the spotlight fades away.

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