Netball is a sport that closely resembles basketball it was developed in England around the 1890’s and it consists of two teams who play on a court that’s rectangular and has two goals that are raised at each end.


In Netball, each team scores by shooting the ball into the opposing teams goal ring (just like basketball), each player is assigned a specific position on the court and it’s their job to pass the ball down the court and assist their team in scoring. When the ball is in play a netball player can only hold the ball for no more than three seconds before they have to either shoot it or pass it to another netball player.

Length of Game

Netball games last for 60 minutes but there is a movement in the UK that’s trying to increase the length of a netball game to more than 60 minutes so it will appeal to a wider audience.
The main differences between basketball and netball are that basketball has more rules and regulations like fouls, penalties and basketballs rules are essentially set in stone while netball is a game that’s constantly changing.

Thanks to the appeal of Netball London and netball in other parts of the world, different variations of the sport have been created including fast net where each quarter lasts for only 6 minutes. Another benefit of netball is that it appeals to people of all ages, races and sexes who want to have fun and enjoy a competitive sport.

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